Saturday, December 10, 2011

Food Truck Rally and Art Walk in Tarpon Springs

We can not pass up a festival here in our little village. We hit them all or most all and today, despite the intermittent rain and my restart on Weight Watchers, this was one festival we could not pass up. One of the organizers of the event is a friend of ours and he was a bit disappointed in that of the 18 food trucks who had signed up to attend, only 8 actually showed. The other ten sure missed out...the rain stopped, the sun showed itself, albeit weakly and the crowds arrived, spent money and ate. I am hoping the artists did well. There were some beautiful paintings and art works for sale.

E and I ended up having pulled pork sandwiches with cold slaw under the meat (I skipped the bun and we are only having veggies and shrimp for supper) and from, Macalicious, we got the Works Tater Tots: not your ordinary tater tots...something extra in the coating, mac and cheese, scallions and sour cream. I could only eat about 3 bites but each one was heavenly!
While we did not buy any sweets, these gals were wonderful about me taking their picture even offering to come out of the rain to better pose for my camera.
I love how the motorcyclist accommodated he and his side car rider with a beach umbrella!

We went into the Zone Bar for a beer and ended up chatting with the manager, Doug, for about an hour even getting a tour of the ballroom and the 'haunted' area upstairs. But that is for another day!

Since the rain has abated and we have dry wood, off to the lower lawn with a nice glass of Chianti Classico, the love of my life, E and a nice fire!

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