Sunday, December 04, 2011

Holday Party Part I

Last night was our Holiday Party. We had some gals and their husbands from Book Club, our Dinner Club and the gals I scrap with along with our local friends (some of whom fall into the other categories as well). All in all, through out the night, there were about 25 of us kicking off the holiday season.

E cooked up so many wonderful treats: crab mousse, spinach dip in a pumpernickel round, his goat cheese in sesame seeds with honey and raspberries, a Tuscan white bean dip, and a few more. I'll be putting a few of these on his blog, He Cooks, later today.

We set up the wet bar in the kitchen, the food on a small buffet table beneath the window to the kitchen and on the dining room table. In years past, we have set up tables through out the house but this year, put them all outside...3 inside the gate to the pool and two outside. The weather was so balmy, we didn't even need to turn on the propane heater.

By quarter of seven, our house was filled with lovely people and lively conversation. Part II later today. Thanks for looking!


LyndaKay said...

The decorations look terrific! Love the snowmen collection. Off to look at the posted He Cooks recipe.

Janet M said...

The house and decorations look just beautiful. Glad the party turned out great.