Saturday, December 24, 2011

What a wonderful way to start Christmas

(technical error prevented me from uploading the pictures I had from our dinner last night with Justin and Susie ...same person as Suzie, which is how I spell her name!)

Last night we had the most glorious meal cooked by Justin and Suzie and had a chance to love on and be loved by their two boxer rescue dogs, Cloe (who could use holiday prayers as she is suffering from cancer in her hips and could use some relief through the holidays) and Snoopy who is the lover boy. Justin fixed us lobster in this amazing garlic/mayo stuff and, oh yes, he caught these himself. And then there was the grouper, the redfish and a 3rd fish that Suzie seared that just melted in our mouths. Sigh...happy happy. These two people are so precious to us...what more can I say.

This morning, Christmas Eve, E and I rode our bikes into town for breakfast at Toula's on the Trail and those oh so yummy trail fried potatoes (one of us got those and the other a too healthy seasonal fruit cup) and Eggs Benedict. We made a point of wishing everyone we ran into (not literally...we are pretty good bikers) a Merry Christmas and our favorite were a trio of women, Christmas tunes loud and clear and one had antlers on her helmet...what a joy!

We took care of some chores...fresh sheets on the bed, laundry, the last minute wrapping, and then went up to Loggerheadz to meet our dear friend, Bob, who is celebrating his 60th. b'day today. We shared wings, beer and friendship.

I left before E who is still there watching football with Bob (this is their football 'date' weekly but it got moved from Sunday to Sat because of the holiday) and headed up to my favorite store, TJ Maxx because it dawned on me all I had for E's stocking was the 3 year extension on his new computer don't you tell! It is safely hidden in the kids' garage. So I picked him up a variety of kitchen goodies and got a sweet but lonely snow man to join the rest of our crew. I could not leave that little guy in a store for Christmas.

We're off to the kids soon and then the fun really starts...wishing you all the merriest of Christmases and see you soon with lots of pics of, of course, the little kidlets!

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altar ego said...

Glad to get caught up (I am SO behind reading blogs!) and see a slice of your lovely Christmas. Leighton's little chair is adorable! What a busy life you have with this expanded family, and how lovely! Miss you!!