Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dinner Club at Susie's Feb 18

The usual suspects gathered at Susie and Justin's last Sat. evening for Dinner Club. We meet about every other month, rotating downward from appetizer (Michele and Kevin this month) to sides (Bob), main course (Susie's or whomever has Dinner Club at their house) to desserts and then back to the top.

The person/people who host for main course, set a theme or select a meat, fowl or fish to cook around and everyone else follows suit. This month, Susie selected duck and it was FANTASTIC. I am not a big lover of duck, or at least I was not until I had Susie's. This is the first time ever I have had duck that it was succulent without being gamey or greasy...wow.
Susie served wild rice along with her delectable duck.
Susie has the most charming boxer, Snoopy, who is a sweetie. Her other pup, who has cancer is doing much better on the new meds. We always enjoy an evening with Susie and Justin and their 'kids'.
Bob has become quite the gourmet lately. He served steamed asparagus in butter and made a fantastic sour cream potato dish. Way to go Bob! Next Dinner Club is at his house and he has selected Carribean as his theme.

E made a chocolate cheese cake with a dark chocolate ganache that came close to sending us all into a diabetic coma.

Jo and I are off to Mardi Gras in Dunedin later today. The guys have elected to stay home...Bill leaves Wed. and E's rib is still very painful. The last thing either of them need right now is to get jostled. Since the forecast is for even more people attending than last year's 30,000, it is best they pass this year. We hope to meet up with Rob and some of his friends as we always do. The music starts at 5 and the parade is at 7:30. Will post pics soon.

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

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