Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

The Owens family on Leighton's dedication day at Harbor Side Christian Community Church.

Uncle Rob and his little buddy, Colvin.  These two have an affinity for each other even though it is Landon who reminds me so much of Rob when he was this age.  Colvin always runs to his Uncle Rob and Landon, straight to his Papa!

Kristen found the perfect dress for our little lady:  it was a ballerina style tulle over cotton and she looked like a little doll.

A photographer who attends the church does family and dedication day photos for free.  I took these before she had all of us join in .  I can't wait to see the total family pic.

After the service, Rob, E and I headed back home and the kids swung by their home briefly.  We had doors shut, cabinets locked and the gate to the pool secured by the time they arrived.  We fed the boys and got them down for their nap and our little dolly took hers at the same time.  We had  a late lunch of chicken, seasoned baked potatoes and corn on the cob with a toast to the two Mama's before  nap time was over.

Rob got lots of updates etc. done on my laptop, the printer made truly wireless, but still can't get my mic to work with Google Chrome ...another day perhaps.

I got a lovely charm fro my Pandora and am edging close to needed a second bracelet thanks to friends and family.  And the guys, in addition to doing all the cooking, did all the clean up too so Kristen and I could relax after our late lunch. 

All have gone home now and it is way too quiet at Nana and Papas!  Hope your Mother's Day was a beautiful and memorable one !


LyndaKay said...

Your daughter looks so lovely in that top photo with everyone. Must be the happiness in having such a great family.

Janet M said...

Looks like a perfect day. I love the family pictures of them.