Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Weight Watchers Update: I DID IT! I made my goal weight

This was me at 172 in in 2007 on a cruise.  It took me another two years and getting up to 184 before I rejoined Weight Watchers.  I made myself lose 2 lbs. before I would even sign up.  Once I had joined , I yo yo'd for the next 2.5 years.  It has only been the last 3 months that I have found what works for me.  I had to enlist E of course, since he is the chef.  His dr. had told him that he'd be happy if E got his weight down to merely obese.  That was a shocker.  I had been close to goal weight before but it took a wake up call getting back up close to 170 to try a new approach : Simply Filling and fast walking for an hour a day.   We both feel so much better.  And E has lost so much weight as well that he is now even below "obese" and can hardly wait to check in with his heart dr. 


This is me today...the day I made my goal weight at WW, a grand total of 31.7 lbs.  So, I celebrated with a pair of new shorts (the 8s fit but were snug and I am so into comfort)

 I got my gold star, a pamphlet on what I need to do for the next six weeks to make Life Time Member and applause!  I love my WW group of gals...they are the best and keep it real.  My WW pal, Erlene, has encouraged me every meeting...thanks darlin'.

 And my new pal, Joyce, who has been a Life Time WW gal for ten years, gave me this cook book today.  She said she knew I could do it as did my besties, Clare, Janet, Pam,. Jo  and my face book buds who are working to stay healthy and fit too.

This has been a good one and I am celebrating with a glass of vino or two...I've earned it and I am one happy camper.  Thanks to everyone who has had my back, kept me on track and given me the "atta girl" s along the way!  June 19 and Life Time here I come!


Pam said...

Lifetime party on my BIRTHDAY!! woot woot!!

Janet M said...

Cheers from me to you - great great job Jules - LOL glad to see the poundage go away!!
Really though I'm proud of you!!!

LyndaKay said...

Size 8 shorts today...
Bikini tomorrow!!

Congrats on reaching this healthy goal.

Carla said...

Jules, that is wonderful!!! I sure wish I could find what works for me, I need to drop at least 20+. This mid life stuff is for the birds!!! Again, congratulations and enjoy that glass of vino, its good for your heart:))

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

congratulations, Jules!
So happy for you :)