Friday, June 08, 2012

65 Blessings

When I wake up tomorrow morning, I'll have already been 65 for a bit.  That makes these 'monumental' birthdays a bit easier to bear.  This one is a blessing in so many ways that I have not been dreading it at all.

So, in no particular order, these are the 65 ways in which I am blessed (and there are tons more I am sure)

1.  My family in general:  they are my mainstay and the loves of my life

2.  My husband, E, who is my best friend ever.

3.  My daughter and her husband who have become such good friends with us and who such a phenomenal job with their children, their jobs and their dreams.

4.  My son with whom I share a bond.  Long ago and far away when I was hard pressed as a single parent to come up with his money for books when he was in college, he simply paid for them himself.  This is the kind of man he is.

5.  My twin grandsons:  two of the funniest little guys you would ever want to meet...and two of the most affectionate.

6.  My granddaughter : she has been the happiest baby I've ever known and I adore those sweet cheeks.

7-30 (and I am not cheating here at all) My friends:  they support me, love me almost as much as I love them and, because I don't want to leave anyone out and you ALL know who you are, I'm not naming names.

31.  The Wed. Posh Gals:  yea summer...see you next Wed.  I have been withering on the vine without our weekly get togethers.

32.  Jo, my oldest pal, who also turns 65 this year.  It's ok, doesn't hurt at all.  And we are going to find you a place here!

33.  To the Tiki Hut Goddesses for all the Smiles and none of the frowns.

34.  For Pam, Clare and Janet with whom I start almost every morning.

35.  Weight Watchers for providing a plan I can live with and for helping me to lead a more healthy (and skinnier) life.  Here is to becoming a Life Time Member in 2 wks....down 32lbs.

36.  My sister because she is the only full blood kin I have left and we do love each other. .

37.  Cuz Marcie for her wit and the wonderful  emails.  We shall prevail, Cuz!

38.  The blessing of forgiveness:  letting go has made such a difference in my life.

39.  Renewing old friendships:  some times it takes some distance to make what is right before one's eyes clear and to remember the reason we care for each other.

40.  Medicare:  with out which I would be up the proverbial shit creek without a paddle

41.  Posh Scraps and Michele who gave me a creative home and encouragement

43.  Mo. State Teacher's Retirement System:  when the first of the month rolls around and that check shows up in my account, to thee I sing.!

44.  Travel:  look out Aus. and NZ...we are coming!  Clare, is Big Boy Joey ready for the pub crawl?

45.  Time to create ...a by product of retirement.

46.  Tarpon Springs:  I love where we live and how we live and we could not be who we are as well anywhere but here.

47.  Gnomes:  the little guys have fallen in love with my gnomes in the lower garden and now I move them for the hunt.   One guess what they are getting for their 'small gifts' on the 10th when they turn 2?

48.  Early mornings:  the best time of the day every day

49.  E's cooking...oh my!

50.  The internet because I would not have met so many of you had it not been for this wonder

51.  My new smart phone even though it makes me feel stupid from time to time.  It is challenging me to learn.

52  Italy:  I lost my heart in this country and will long for it til my dying day.

53.  Greece:  this nation is such and integral part of the community where we live and we have been blessed to have gotten to know several people well.  Jo, I'll never forget our day on Mykanos wondering the back streets and laughing.

54.  This weekend's wedding: there are few people for whom I would give up my 65th. b'day but Kim and are two of them!

55.  Columbia Restaurant:  the scene of much partaking of sangria and salad by some of my closest friends.

56.  Paradise: a state of mind

57.  Old friends who have gone by the way but the memories of better times will always stay.

58.  Susie who has been our 'tour guide' to Tarpon Springs and who has enriched our lives along with Justin.

59.  Our cats, Just Jack and Goofy, who ground us and keep us real as most pets do.

60.  Week 28 at the beach : this is the week E and I spend in solitude and reflection and yes, we do have some fun too but it is OUR week

61  Week 29 at the beach because we get to reconnect with our St. Louis friends and we do miss them all so.

62.  My parents (all 3 of because what they taught me and the love they gave me gives me peace and sustains me.

63.  Mike and Mary because they are the closest relatives on my dad's side and they are good people.

64.  New Orleans because that is to be the scene for then next Goddesses get together and look out N.O.

65.  Those of you who read my blog.  You have been with me through thick and thin, good times and bad and today is the best ever.  Thank you.


altar ego said...

Sweetest of birthdays to you, dear friend. I miss you. Sending lots of love and hugs galore.

LyndaKay said...

Very, very touching. You're probably the richest woman I know... gazillions of love from family and friends.

Janet M said...

That's a great list and I hope your day was wonderful!!