Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Birthday Party Part II (pardon any repeats)

We have just finished our last Nana/Papa Play Day at the kids'.  We are officially on "summer vacation".  We will be seeing them every week during the summer but at our house or out and about   Kristen is not off til Friday and we have a busy weekend ahead.  E and I are celebrating my 65th. on Friday with my meal request of chicken picata, Sat. we head to Titusville for Kim and Mitch's wedding.  We'll be sharing a two bed room condo with the Owens gang and Auntie GAK even got sitters for the younger members of the O(wens) G(ang) so K and Chris can enjoy the evening.  What an Auntie! 

Tomorrow is catch up day for me:  laundry, clean up my work room (which seems to be a never ending process) and play with a new product I ordered through the mail with thanks to Natasha! I also need to pick up two small gifts for the boys to open the morning of their b'day, June 10 .  Because one of their favorite activities at Nana and Papa's is to find the gnomes in the garden, I am going to get them each a gnome of their own (plastic of course).  We gave them the picnic table and the basket ball and hoop at the party and will give their parents the usual checks.

Hope your week is going well

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LyndaKay said...

Fun bunch of pictures! Enjoy your June celebrations!