Monday, July 02, 2012

The calm before the storm (figuratively speaking)

 It has been a crazy couple of weeks what with Tropical Storm Debby, my Intro to Scrapbooking classes and a couple of make up classes at Posh Scraps and trying to keep up with the Grands.
 After my second of three Intro classes last Sat., the kids came over to swim and play and have dinner at Nana and Papa's.  I didn't get a lot of pics mainly because the little boys have become whirling dervishes and are not so accommodating for Nana's camera.  Leighton is still a little ham and gets the funniest expressions on her face!  She and boys are all 3 so animated.
Chris came over when he got off work and we had supper getting the Grands home just in time for nighty night.

Sunday, E and I headed down to Clearwater Beach to have lunch with my son, Rob, and for me to get some lessons on my new 4G Android phone.  We had two out of three wonderful drivers on the Jolly Trolley...they were fun and up beat and you could tell they loved what they did.  The first one, not so much.  But 2 out 3 is not a bad thing.  The other two made up for it in their flair for their job!

We're in the last stages of prepping for our two weeks at the beach. 

House sitter in place   check
Clothes ironed and put where I won't wear them    check
Long talks with the cats about how we will be back....on going
Pool filters cleaned          check
Lawn man pre paid          check

and I am not taking anything with me to scrap.  I have a huge all day class coming up Aug 4 after we get back and I am prepping for this, taking a breather between and recharging my batteries.   A couple of surprises in the works but more on all this on my altered blog in the days to come.

Hope you have a lovely and safe Fourth of July for all of us in the U.S.  and happy belated Canada Day to my Canadian friends.

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