Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day at Nana and Papa's

The kids brought the Grands over in the morning when we opened stocking and a few presents that Santa left at our house under the tree.  That Santa, he sure does get around.  After the Grands' naps, they headed back over for our family dinner and more play time with the toys.  While the men cleaned up after dinner, Kristen and I took the wee ones for a walk around the neighborhood to look at lights.  Each year with the Grands is the best and each year get better and better!

and one of the best Christmas gifts was the phone call Rob got on the morning of the 27th. saying that, after 5 mo. of unemployment, he has a job and will be entering management training very soon with a good company!  Thank you Santa for the belated present!

A few more pics to be posted tomorrow from my son in law's photos of the Grands on Christmas morning at their house and then I promise to move on! Love to all of you who read here and the happiest of holidays.

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