Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sydney...more from 3 days

 Views from our balcony
 Our spacious suite...loved this hotel!

More skyline.

 Top balcony was ours...if we eve go back, we'll request this room again.
 We are the narrow building to the right of the reddish town houses.
 More of the room...we slept with the slider open to hear the street sounds.

 Our view before the Solstice pulled in
 Our view after...lol
 It was beautiful at night and early morning.
 Our ship in harbor all a lit!
 Menu from Fortune of War (just for Pam Bennett)...sorry it is sideways.  And our table at the restaurant.  We first went to another one but could not get anyone to wait on us.  The young gal who waited on us here was a delight as was the cruising couple we sat next to for our meal.

 We overlooked a courtyard of another restaurant next door to ours but they had not opened yet.
 This was a nice local wine and we took another bottle back to our room, sat on our balcony and wiled away some time relaxing.
Views from surrounding streets

Scroll down on the blog for the first installment of our stop in Sydney!  Tomorrow is the Blue Mountains and boarding the Solstice.  Day Two in Sydney. 

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