Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Day at Nana and Papa's

Uncle Rob (er ah The Bunny Who Hides the Eggs) did his job very well this year.  The Grands and their folks came over around four for the traditional (ok...year two) of the egg hunt at our house.  This year Uncle Bunny added the dyed eggs to the plastic ones so the hunt was a bit longer.  Kristen and Chris did a great job picking out the kids's Easter out fits and I approved even though I have been banned from finding more of the cute outfits with the bunnies on the front for the boys...oh well.

So here ya go....
The bunny sure loaded down the kids' baskets.  They must have been very good this past year.  Nana and Papa put in a good work with the rabbit!

Leighton is working on some new teeth and has given up the high chair.  We put one of the boys' old booster seats on a chair for her and she was much happier.
 One word explains this picture...jellybeans.

 Landon would have won the hunt if we were counting total eggs found but he kept giving his to his sister and brother!  What a guy.

 Getting some help from Papa.

 Some one was getting sleepy after dinner.
 The standard finger up the nose shot that we have of every kid out there, right?
 And my two favorites of our girly girl who, by the way, is getting some hair, finally!

Hope your Easter or, as my friend Jo calls it Eastover.  Will continue the travelogue tomorrow with a few more pics of the Sounds and then on to Akoroa , a beautiful little coastal town settled by the French.  E and I fell in love with this place.

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LyndaKay said...

Holidays are such fun with kids around! Looks like they had a great time finding the eggs.