Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wednesday on the Docks

When E and I got home from taking the Grands to school, Steve and I walked through the park, up the trail and back home by way of Alt. 19.  The river had streams of diesel fuel pushed up the river by the incoming tide from the shrimp boat that burned Tues night.  The smell permeates the docks of course but hopefully this will lessen before too long.  We were told down the on docks where we went for some shopping and lunch that the plan is to move the boat, which was sinking even as we watched and hoped that the remaining fuel which had not been drained from the boat would not spill more. 

 This top picture was taken when we arrived on the docks for some shopping and lunch.  The next two were taken about an hour later and it is easy to see how much and how fast the shrimp boat was sinking.

We had appetizers at one place and a a Greek beer or two at another as we walked the docks. 

Steve explaining something to us...whatever it was.  lol. (Dimitri's on the River)

We hit the Sponge Diver Store

 Towards the end of the Docks is a wonderful wine bar and shop.  The bar part is only about a year old and Wine on the Docks has  a wonderful store with lots of fun gifts .  This place will make my Christmas shopping a breeze this year.

 In addition to local and Florida wines and one even bottled a Tarpon Springs wine, the wine bar carries some of our local craft brews like this one from St. Somewhere.Brewery which is located about a mile or so from where we live. 
 We had a late lunch at Mykonos, our favorite Greek restaurant and then headed home.

Today is our last Nana/Papa limo day this week as the kids are off tomorrow and will take the Grands to and from school.  After my walk, we'll head into Dunedin for an early lunch and some walking around then home for E's ribs.  Pictures to follow...of course!

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