Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Fourth of July from our home to yours

The Grands' parents brought them over for our town's family fourth picnic and the Grands had a blast.

It was so good to see them...

 and yes...Landon has his shoes on the 'wrong' feet.  This has become his signature!
When we tell the boys to smile, this is what we

The kids got their first sno cone ever and Leighton is riding in on her brothers' shirt tails, getting goodies long before they did.

We sat on the concrete and listened to the music before Colvin went down the waterslide.  Maybe next year for Landon and Leighton.

It was hotdogs all around and then home for a nap.  The kids have a bbq with friends this afternoon after naps and then fireworks tonight.  E and I are heading up to Cap't. Jacks for a couple of cold brews late this evening and watching the fireworks from about 4 or 5 communities.  Happy Fourth!

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LyndaKay said...

Happy 4th! Love all the photos of the cute family, especially the hugging boys.