Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quick update from last week

We had a great week with the Grands.  Tues, Leighton and I went to Music with Mar, Wed-Fri, we had Leighton before and after school.  She and I have become the shopping ladies and visited Kohl's (two outfits for her and tees for her brothers), Pier One (some new lotion for Nana) and TJ Maxx (Papa's b'day present).  Because of teachers' meetings on Friday, while Leighton went to school, Landon and Colvin spent the day with us.  We took them grocery shopping and then out to lunch at Loggerheadz to watch and feed the gators in the gator pit.  Later, Nana and Papa, went out to dinner at Casa Ludivio to celebrate Justin's birthday and E's. 

So, for my sister who has been requesting more pics of the ya go Janet!

The Leighton fashion show.  Wednesday, I asked Leighton if Nana could take some pictures of her and boy! did I ever get a positive response.  And then, we had to view them over and over!
 Snowflake, her favorite doll.

 She insists on saying, "Cheese" as do her

 The boys were mesmerized by the gators.  By the way, they are wearing their "I Love My Nana" shirts and their matching green tennies...

 Another "Cheese".

Hopefully, the rain will hold off til later today as the Grands are coming over to help Papa celebrate his 68th. birthday (Sept 14) and they do like to take a dip in the pool. 

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LyndaKay said...

Adorable kids.