Friday, November 29, 2013

Playing with fire

We have had our new fire pit for almost 2 wks now but, because of the temps and the winds, we have not been able to have our first fire.  We love this one as it hold a BIG fire.  We gathered wood this morning in the nature preserve behind our house (with the park official's permission), got out a nice bottle of wine, two holiday glasses, a lighter, some newspaper and some of the color cones my honey gave me last year.  I am pretty Scrooge with these and will ration them out carefully.  Our first fire was one reason to play.  The following photos are all from our fire...wish you were here!

When I was little, my grandfather would crumple up the newspaper funny pages and put them on the fire...the colors were unforgettable.  The printing process has changed now and that no longer happens when you put the colored funny papers into a fire.  While progress is a wonderful being able to share parts of my life with those of you who follow my blog...being able to talk face to face with friends and family far far away...there are somethings I so wish has not gone the way in the name of progress. 

From our house to yours...stay warm this holiday season.

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