Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I am actually posting once again.  Life has a way of getting in the way of my life sometimes.  We've been mad busy between the Grands, family, my tooth issues, E's back and a gazillion other little daily things that keep us occupied. 

The Grape Escape was, as always, incredibly well done.  And, once again, we've found some new wines and restaurants out of the fund raiser.

 We had a lovely dinner with the other volunteers at Tarpon Tavern for our work at Tarpon Springs' first annual Octoberfest and I finally took my oath of office for the library board...I am official! lol

We had Leighton's second birthday, Kristen's 38th (and tonight we are finally having her b'day dinner) and have been planning and decorating for our annual Holiday Party. 

I've missed a couple of crops due to a tooth infection and miss the Women Who Do Lunch so very much.  All but our dear Lady Di have also had health issues so one of my wishes for the holidays is that all my gal pals are healthy AND happy.

I did get one more Australia layout done but have not paused lately to add the title or the journaling.  I'm also trying to get things together for one of the stores in Tarpon Springs who has requested more of my Bottle Works and items for a craft fair in Safety Harbor in Dec.

We are so looking forward to the "Snow Place Like Tarpon Springs" event on Dec 6 and the lighted boat parade and the wonderful parade here in town on Dec 14 with Thanksgiving in between and all the fun that brings.

Hope the holidays are filled with joy for you, your friends and your family...I am so thankful for all of these in my life.

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