Thursday, May 01, 2014

On to Sat.evening and Sunday lunch

We met up with a bunch of friends Sat. evening for Night in the Islands, a Tarpon Spring event each month til it gets too hot.  We live in a small town rich with Greek heritage and this is the monthly event not to miss:  dancing (with lessons), amazing food and wine and fun fun fun.

We sat at Costa's tables as the restaurant (off Athens St.) was one of the few who took reservations and there were several of us.  We met our friends, Lee Ann and Jerry Cross, and the others six joined us a bit later.

We have been to Greece and this Night in the Islands comes very close to being there.

Sunday, we met up with Janet and Bob Miller at "our" place, River House Reef and Grill, in Palmetto, Fl.  E discovered this gem right on the water out at the end of a long pier while watching something on tv and took me there for either my b'day or our anniversary (the mind is the first thing to go, you know!) a few years ago.  It has become the Miller/Eickmeier meeting place since. 

Bob and E have been on a many years quest to find the perfect oyster and both have proclaimed these as at the top of the list.

Janet and I had the Lobster Pot Pie...the pastry is so flaky that it melts almost before you can get it into your mouth.


 We have yet to have a bad time with these two grand people!  Love you both!
Janet and I have a tradition (ok, several) that we have our pic taken together EVERY time we get together...and we forgot the really important one...taking a pic of each other taking a picture of each
Soon, I will post the last Monday with Leighton pictures...she was her usual darling self or could I be a bit biased? NAH!
I'm off to Orlando to meet up some wonderful women I met about 12 years ago on a scrapbooking message board.  I've met 2 of them before and now will get to meet another of the CKMB gals of old.

See ya later, gator.

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