Friday, June 27, 2014

Colvin's over night with Nana and Papa

All 3 of the Grands came over to swim with us Thursday morning and then their Mama took Landon and Leighton back home after lunch.  Colvin and I took our neighborhood walk collecting "specimens" for Papa to identify.  We watched party of the movie "How to Tame Your Dragon" before dinner and part after.

Here is Colvin in the fedora I bought for each of the boys.

 He brought over the black lamb he requested we bring him from New Zealand and asked for a tail...never noticed it didn't have one so out came my embroidery thread.

We had a lovely day today with a trip to the farmer's market in Dunedin where Papa taught Colvin the finer points of picking out fresh veggies.  Colvin picked out some to take home to his Mama ( 3 Ruskin beefsteak tomatoes, 5 ears of sweet corn and 3 plums).

Papa left in the car and, having just missed the Jolly Trolley back north, we waited on a bench in the shade til it came along.  Colvin seemed to enjoy riding the Trolley so we'll have to do this again.

I can not tell you how much E and I have been enjoying getting to spend time with each of our grand sons on a one by one basis.  We see a lot of all 3 together as they come to swim at least once a week during the summer and we are at their house 3 x a week to take Leighton to school during the school year.  We have developed different traditions with each of the boys as we will when we cycle Leighton into the rotation when she turns 31/2.

When is Landon's next turn?  Well, not til we get back from the beach.  We leave the 12th. of July.  Tom, our beloved house/cat sitter will be in residence with our dear Susie as his back up.  The first week we go solo, catching up with our friends from when we lived in Ft. Myers and our family who still live there.  The second week is our St. Louis friends' reunion week and our Grands will be down that week too and our 3rd. we spend with our dear friends, Bill and Jo.  So looking forward to our beach vacation.

Meanwhile, E has recovered well from his stint with pneumonia but he had to return to the dermatologist for more surgery on his back to remove more of the melanoma.  He goes next week for a procedure on his nose.  I keep telling him that if these drs keep whittling away on him, he'll be a shadow of himself. 

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