Friday, June 06, 2014

Nana, Papa and the Grands at Sunset Beach

We have two beaches in our town.  The larger is reached by a causeway and has tons of soft sand with waves for splashing and playing.  The smaller of the two is Sunset Beach, a "pocket" beach that has less soft sand, few waves but shallow clear water reaching way out into the Gulf.  It is less busy and less frequented and this is the one we prefer for the Grands. 

The Grands' mom and dad take them to Clearwater Beach where there is tons of sand and big waves but also tons of people.  We prefer the quiet of our little beach.  I think the Grands have fun anyway.

We built sand castles, made roads and a rock dock.  We saw jumping fish, a dolphin and tiny tiny fish that swam over our feet.  The crab in his shell was the high light of the day as we could follow him quite a ways. 

We shared watermelon chunks and then headed home to Nana/Papa's house where the Grands played in the sprinkler til we got most of the sand off.  The movie of the day was Peter Pan half of which we watched before naps and half after.  Pirates are a big favorite with all 3 with a pixie thrown in now and then.  When asked who they wanted to be in the movie, Colvin told us he wanted to be the

We've got these 3 little gifts for two days next week.  We'll spend one day here at our house and the other day at theirs to break it up a bit.  The boys' birthday party is this Sat. with their actual 4th. b'day on the 10th.  It is so hard to believe it has been that long since their birth...seems like just yesterday.  They have changed so very much over the past four years and I want to say to them, "Knock it off! Stay little" but we all know that won't happen! lol 

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LyndaKay said...

Guess you'll have to call it the Sunset Beach Stoop instead of the Sanibel Stoop where the kids are all searching for shells. Cute pics.