Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday with Leighton

Today is our first Monday back watching Leighton while her daddy goes to USF for his electrical engineering classes (this semester and one more til graduation!).  Chris dropped Leighton off and a swimming we did go.  I think she is practicing for the ALS ice bucket

She floated in her ring, swam to Papa and me and back, made waves in the pool and watered everything in sight.  Then she asked if we could eat on the lanai.  Fortunately there was a nice breeze and, with the aid of our fans, we had a nice "picnic".
We had left overs from a couple of nights ago, Italian Beef and Polenta Casserole.  The tee shirt and shorts are now in the wash and Leighton has gone to Sweet Dreams Land. 
Of the three kids, she is the easiest napper.  After lunch, she said, "Nap time, Nana", grabbed her stuffed animal and started to climb into the pack and play.  As soon as her folks let the sides down on her bed at home and convert it to a "big girl bed", we'll put her onto a cot.


I thought when we got home from the beach and I got meds for the sinus infection, we'd be back up to speed BUT  au contraire!  I've not been to the dr. (as of tomorrow) 3x for this issue with my back/side and nothing has been resolved.  I have tried the muscle relaxants, the moist heat, Celebrex, and Biofreeze with minimal help.  I know the nurse practitioner I have been seeing must think I am a hypochondriac but the pain is real and there is a lump on the ribs and tomorrow I am vowing to become my own health advocate and insist on finding out what is wrong.  I am tired of being tired of being not feeling 100%...

OFF THE SOAP BOX and I'll let anyone who gives a who an update when I know anything.   

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