Friday, June 05, 2015

Camp Nana Papa is in session...

School ended for the kids on last Tues but Mama had two days of work shops and Daddy started his new job so we held Camp NanaPapa for the Grands.  Over the past couple of days, we have gone to the Splash Park, swam in the pool 2x, played with the Brio train and the new track, read several books, watched 3 or 4 15 min. episodes of Mickey Mouse Club, painted little wooden houses, had a toy wash in the drive way, played on the new playground equipment at the Anclote Nature Preserve, rode bikes, took two neighborhood walks, made chocolate pudding and fought taking naps but losing the battle (them, not us)! 

Here are just a few of the pics
Thank heavens (and the city of Tarpon Springs) for the Splash was a God send.

 Colvin and Papa made chocolate pudding.

 And we had arts and crafts in addition to cooking class.

 Because so many of the toys stay out on the lanai, they get dirty.  We have toy washes periodically.  The kids and I get far cleaner than the toys I am sad to

Camp NanaPapa will resume on June 22-25 while Mama takes her required four day workshop.  I have my massage scheduled for the day after!

Hope your summer is going well and that school ended quietly for all.

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