Friday, September 23, 2005

A day to remember

Posting from Paradise

Today was one of the most awesome days...we took back the mb from the Negs...even a few of the "followers" joined in the fun and seemed to really enjoy themselves.

What a lot of gals forget it that a sb mb is suppose to be about having fun, challenging each other to be the best we can be and accepting each other. Who gives a flying fig if someone announces for the 18th time that BH had a baby...good for the poster. Good for the mb that someone (everyone) feels comfortable to post it whenever their heart wills them to)

I am far from being a perfect person...I have many a 58, I am well aware of myself. What I do know is this...a mb is what we (yes WE) choose it to be...not what we "allow" others to pick for us!

Do not let the NEGS take control again...we have had too much fun today to allow that to happen and yes, it is within our control!


EQQU said...
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TeacupKitten said...

Hi Jules - What a great way to spend a lazy Friday! Thanks for the game - I posted too, but wanted to thank you!


mindfulmom said...

Okay, I'll always take a freebie! Give me the "x". I have so many to go back and play catch up and man is that hard!

Norma said...

Hi Jules - What a great way to spend the afternoon. What a difference you have made in the MB. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Being positive is so much more fun. I have had to use a different user name to sign on here for some reason. (mostlyabeachbum)

cjreyn said...

Hey Jules,

The ABC game has made my head hurt. LOL!!! I need a pass on X.


SusanM1205 said...

Hope I figured out how to post here. It's worth a freebie!

nickle831 said...

I'm posting again to get a pass on the X I actually had one picked out but as soon as I walked into work we had a 3yo fall of a trampaline, and that was a long 911 call. By the time I got back it was gone. I'm going to keep thinking and hopefully come up w/something

SusanM1205 said...

Sorry Jules. SusanM1205 is susiescrapperoh. They wouldn't let me have it. Not sb related but you are X-tremely sweet.

In-Focus said...

OK--the "X" is impossible! There just aren't that many words beginning with "X"!

Barbie (In-focus)

Pat said...

This has been soooo much fun today! Thank you!

pat (aka DancerMom on the CKMB)

nor8660 said...

Hey Jules,
What an awesome thing you did! I was not there for the start today, but you sure did rally the troops!

I amy have to go back and try and dig up a word or two. (i'll read the rules first)

It was so refreshing to have a little fun today!


p.s. I will take the "X" too, just in case!

Sandy Gentry said...

Hello Jules
O f all days the messgae board wouldn't let me post today. But I have watched all the fun today. You are great for coming up with this ABC game, I just wished I could have played. Have a great weekend, hopefully I will get to scrap some tomorrow. Stay safe, love ya Sandy

allgirlcrew said...

While I started your fun game I wasn't able to continue and finish it. I have been busy all day and now off to a crop but I did want to say "Thank you" for doing this. It looks like you guys had a blast and had I been home I would have been right there with ya!!
Have a great evening!!

Sassy Addy said...

Hi Jules,
It's Adriene in Seattle, great blog. I was wondering if you are going to the CK convention here in Bellevue again. I'm only going to be there Friday and would love to take you to dinner again. Let me know

Sharon said...

Thanks for bringing me out to play. Had a great time. ShaDe (Sharon)

Lee said...

That was too fun yesterday, Jules. I wish I had been around for more of it. :)