Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fall is in the air!

Posting from Paradise

It is a cooler day here in Paradise. I can almost feel the crisp air of Fall but I am probably just fooling myself. Since we have moved to the tropics, the only season I miss is Fall...we have a form of Spring; winters are fantastic and summer is no worse than the summers we had in St. Louis. But Fall....ah, I do miss fall. My friend, Gail,and my friend Moni have sent me beautiful leaves to help me placate my homesickness and that does help.

Fall leaves (no pun intended) me waxing nostalgic for "the good ol' days". We'll be heading up North in October just as we usually do and I can't wait!

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Doug Bagley said...

LOL, Jules,
I too miss the colors of fall and even the crisp morning air that accompany them. But when family and friends are experiencing freezing cold temps in the winter and we're in the 70s, ahhhhhhh, I feel like I've died and gone to Heaven. Ya Mon, ya mon.
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