Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Three Cheers for the Bench Warmers...

I figure I came within a hair's breath yesterday of joining our now famous Bench Warmers, those who have been banished from the kingdom of ckmb. I asked of Selena who was once again justifying her nastygram to Kip by saying comparing herself to pastors who cheat. I never got that one but I am older you know! lol

I am really curious about the criteria used to pull posts. Sometimes all it takes is to ask a question or defend a friend or a belief and bammmmmmmmm! there goes the post. It seems to be who you challenge or rather who is doing the challenging Others, on the otherhand, are allowed to rant and rave and name call and that remains intact.

My second question to the powers who be on our mb is why some people are banned and others who post the same or even worse allowed to remain? Again a question of criteria. The reasons for repremands and bannings is not being enforced equally, I do know that.

My third searching question concerns just that...the search engine.
When I did a search to find Selena's confess that it really was her who sent Kip the horrible and profane e-mail, and then her attempts to justify this, the only thing that comes up is her original post where she goes mistakenly after MomtoGrace. Although I understand why the mb would want to completely delete the others responses to her post, her confession is missing. Why not leave the whole thing or delete even from the search, the whole thing?

I am posting this sunset picture as it is so peaceful and serene and dedicating it to the Bench Warmers!


Kip said...

Well, fear not Jules, since I have copies of everything (they were sent to me) and I plan on posting all of it on my blog tonight..including the infamous Darlene post where she uses the same phrases that she used on her nasty letter to me. I'm willing to bet money that Selena is behind many nasty posts sent to others on the mb, in the past, as well. She is one nasty woman, truly a bottom feeder.

Ruth said...

I have always wondered about AndyPunkins (Selena) - I have never added a post where that name appears as there is often some really hurtful stuff said. I am so saddened that she needs to hurt others and publicly try to humiliate good women. One day CKMB will get it right and ban the real trouble makers.

Shar said...

Bench Warmer...Guess I qualify, yes?! LOL.

Regarding the lack of regularity within the confines of the MBP, do you think that certain monitors are assigned a certain group of mb names to "watch"?? It's almost as if there are different monitors who interpret the rules differently. It's so sporadic the way posts are pulled and not pulled, warnings are issued, bannings are thrown about willy-nilly. Some things ok sometimes, yet other times they are cause for warning. There is no consistency, no common denominator, and obviously, the MBP don't even follow their own guidelines sometimes!! (Ex: Tawnya being banned with no warning, when the guidelines state 3 warnings and then you're banned.) And speaking of that, I want it to be known that I did not receive 3 warnings before I was banned either. Whatever.

There is simply no rhyme or reason to what the MBP do and why. I always thought it was strange that the "powers that be" were not posters themselves but are there basically just to loom over everyone like Big Brother ready to slap a citation on our windshield with no explanation and no way to plead our case and no chance of redemption. However, it's even more sinister having "secret" monitors to pretend to play nice while stabbing the rest of us in the back, which lately seems the more likely scenario going on over there.

Gorgeous sunset!! Thanks, Jules.

Kip said...

Well, they flat out lied to me Shar. I received an email saying that they had sent me warnings "last week" and then they banned me. I received nothing from them. I am contacting primemedia's corporate offices about the fact that they do discriminate and about some other issues I have with them as well.

Shar said...

OMG Kip. I guess that was their way of trying to cover their ass and stay within guidelines?? Wow. Tawnya said she had no warnings either. Just POOF, can't post anymore. It's gotten completely out of control over there. I hope you get a response from Primedia. That's crazyness.

Mary said...

Nothing makes sense to me on the MB anymore. I have seen so many that should be banned and now. Then others who have no reason to be banned and poof they are gone.
One person in particular who seems to think the MB is her personal place to attack as many people as she can and then act all innocent about it.

Tawnya's Scrappin' Blog said...

Amen to all of it!!! :)

For the record, I got one warning, months ago, for something that also happened with Selena.

The message I got said that I had received "THREE EMAIL WARNINGS". Whatever.

I am waiting for a response. And I think a purple monkey will fly outta my butt before I get one. :)

BTW, I LOVE the phrase willy-nilly. Makes me giggle.

Love you all!

Shar said...

Hey Tawnya
I'm pretty sure you won't be plagued with flying purple butt monkeys when it comes to getting a reply from the higher ups. They are so holier than thou. It was because I posted that they don't reply to our questions that got me banned in the first place! If I had known it was considered disrespectful and libelous to tell the truth about the MBP, I would have added a lot more flair to my post and perhaps borrowed your phrase myself!!

If those purple monkeys do come flying out of your butt, I'm naming them Willy and Nilly.

Bwaaahaahaa!!! ;)

Tawnya's Scrappin' Blog said...