Sunday, September 25, 2005

What a wonderful weekend

Posting from Paradise

I can't remember when I have had so much fun...probably the last time the Crew as together for Pete's baby shower. Everyone on the mb has been so funny and seems to be really enjoying themselves this weekend...we've been playing games, applauding each others efforts with layouts and in trying to live our lives and supporting each other with genuine caring. This is how the mb is suppose to be.

Recently two of my friends were banned from the mb...neither received warnings or even notification that they were banned...they just couldn't post any more. One was defending the victims of New Orleans and the other was defending me. I miss these women. The real culprits, those who used racial slurs and those who instigated the attack against me are still around although not posting much at all. I am sure they will come up with some excuse as to why they were not active on the mb these past few a matter of fact, a couple of them already have, late at

I want to applaud some of our gals last night...this just made me smile and smile. One of the newbies posted asking gals to look at her e-bay sales items (I think it was layouts or something like that). Instead of jumping her and telling her how awful she was for posting an advertising and making her feel about 2 inches tall, these wonderful women first applauded her e-bay items and then gently told her she might not want to post that way as the mb police might misconstue it as advertising which we all know is a no no. They went so far as to give her help in getting out of any problems she may encounter unknowingly posting what she did.

You Woman ROCK...that was such a wonderful way that you handled did it with love, grace and tact. She'll be very comfortable posting again, thanks to you. BRAVO.


Shar said...

Hi Jules! :)
...and hello to everyone who reads Jules blog as well. I'm still around. Haven't dropped off the face of the earth, no matter how many people might wish me that fate!! LOL I'm sure some of you know who might be in that category. No matter, I'm not the sort to dwell on the negative so just chalk it up to life experience, try to find the lesson to be learned from, and move on, yes?

Wish I was clever enough to figure out this blog thing. I started one twice but it was crap so I'm taking a hiatus and will attempt one again in the near future. Email is not cutting it for keeping in touch with my buds, so thanks, Jules, for allowing me to crash your blog and share a hearty hello!!!

Keep up the good positive work on the board. It's been pleasant reading of late. Funny how the whole mood changes when certain posters aren't around. Hmmmm!

The infamous Scrapendipity
aka BabyScraps! ;)

Doug Bagley said...

It's nice to know there are still good, caring people with compassion out there.
Thanks y'all.