Monday, October 31, 2005


I remember lots of great Halloween's from my childhood but my all time favorite has to be when I dressed up as Jack Paar and my friend down the street dressed as Charlie(?), a character portrayed by Jonathan Winters. Winters would go on the Tonight show and read a letter from "home". This would evoke laughter as each of the country characters mentioned in the letter had been carefully developed by Winters.

I wrote the letter that my girlfriend would read as we tricked and treated our way around the neighborhood. The adults found the letter not just funny, but would actually belly laugh and give us extra treats. This was my last trick or treat Halloween as a kid. I was twelve and it was time for boys and parties and other types of tricks and treats!

I have always had a love/hate relationship with the written word. If I work too hard at it, it comes out forced. This is probably why I do not like to journal on my layouts...the sentimental stuff sounds just too phony to me. It sounds sappy and, well, forced. This is why journaling on my part is usually done in hidden places.

Have a great Halloween and may you have more treats than tricks!

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mae said...

I love reading your "writing". You sound sincere and genuine to me, never forced. It is interesting how we perceive ourselves so differently than others see us. I have lurked more on the CKMB FAR more than I have posted (don't like the drama) and from day ONE, I always looked for your and Shar's posts. Because, to me, you were both seemed like such genuine people. I miss Shar on the MB but, we email each other and I can follow both of you via your blogs. I am working on my own blog, hope to be posting soon.

You and "Honey" have a wonderfully ghostly evening filled with joy only children can bring.