Monday, December 26, 2005

The Day After

We did not have what one could call your typical Normal Rockwell Christmas. All my life I have strived for a tinge of class and fallen a trifle short for one reason or another. But I never in my life imagined the "white trash" Christmas we had on the 24th.

All was well until my 30 year nephew and his 46 year old girlfriend showed up stoned and over 2.5 hours late for the event. It was bad enough he broke my sister's heart one more time, but his 4 year old niece was there to witness the behavior. We had such a great time until they showed up.

At one point, she had a catacism of my great aunt's out that was 110 years old, leafing through it madly trying to make sense of was in German but I think even English would have been a challenge at that point. They left shortly after my honey reminded her it is always nice to ask before removing items from curios...

The rest of the family made the holiday still redeamable. And then my cable modum went out. I am posting off my lap top and through a connection somewhere out there (sing and don't know when I can reconnect. Cable co. comes Jan 2.

Merry Christmas all...we are thinking of heading to the Bahamas for next year's holiday. Do you think "they " will find us there?


Doug Bagley said...

We might need to check to see if we're related, LOL! Sorry to hear about Nephew and girlie friend putting a damper on your holiday.
Hope your New Years Eve is great! Thanks for your kind words concerning my blog. I truly appreciate it.

mae said...

Oh, my, Jules---I know it was not funny to you but I can just picture the look on your face when she got into your curio and I had to chuckle. Your poor sister, I'm sure she was humiliated. Makes you want to give your own children an extra hug, doesn't it? As for the Bahamas, yes, people like that always seem to turn up---then, you would be stuck on an island with them---OH NO!!!

Hope your wireless connection (wherever it might be) hangs on until your cable modem gets repaired.


Gail said...

Hi Jules, well that was interesting. Life is never dull in your world, is it? LOL. Hope you get the computer problems worked out quickly.

Valerie said...

oh Jules - i'm so sorry you had a White Trash Christmas. it's almost like watching TV...except you can't make this stuff up.

i was talking to Husband about us going someplace (other than family)for Christmas, too...maybe we'll end up at the same place sometime, too.

Happy New Year!

crazydarla said...

Well COULD have some of my in-laws blood in that line it sounds like? Hmmm? What total and complete scuzzies! ick! Let me tell you, my ever SO eloquent sil from TX (who rakes at my every last nerve) sent out a sweet lil' newsletter with her cards bragging up her golden children and the whole bit...then goes on to tell us all how BUSY SHE HERSELF IS doing the Lord's work volunteering at the Church so on an so forth. THEN proceeds to tell us all that 'she is working for the workig mom's...' aka: working mom's suck??? WHATEVER!! She makes my toes white and my hair curl!!!!

Loves- Darla