Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ghosties on my blog

Maybe it is just me, but when I pulled up my blog to post, nothing from yesterday shows up but "The D..." hmmmmmmmm. Wonder what is up with that.

Can't wait until Comcast replaces my modum for big puter Harry. As much as I love the lap top, Minnie, she has her shortcomings. And I am anxious to try out all Harry's new toys from Santa!

Enough grumping! Have a great day.


Jules said...

See, now it is there...all of it! Ghosties, I tell you, ghosties!

madcow said...

If only the "crack woman" in question had disappeared as magically! LOL But don't worry darl - it's all still there.
I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps Harry's new clothes are something akin to The Emporers New Clothes! Did you make them up?? Perhaps even Harry doesn't exist?? We shall have to wait for the big reveal next week won't we! LOL
Love you madly, truly

Pam in Moncton said...

Ah it came back! What a "lovely" experience you had with your nephew and girlfriend. Family! Can't always live with them, can't shoot them! Well, you could, but there would be consequences. As for the catechism book, I'd be saying "I'll just take care of that for you". Thankfully no drunk or high people showed up at our house and we had a fine time at home and at my BIL's place.

Kip said...

Actually, Minnie is far superior than anything Harry can do so I'm not sure what you're thinking about when you say you can't wait to try out things on Harry???? Ditch Harry, let Gene do his games on that and put your attention on Minnie!!

Ruth said...

Goodness Jules, your family sounds a bit like mine. Look forward to seeing them and then wonder why. Still, sounds like the day (or evening was saved). Keep smiling and glad you are still posting with something anyway. These computers are becoming a bit of a life line.