Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Favorite Christmas songs

Everyone has their favorite Christmas songs. When I lived in St. Louis, I could not always get to Florida to visit with my parents. This sometimes made for a lonely Christmas for me, especially if my ex had the kids. My mom and my favorite song was "I'll be home for Christmas" and a couple of times I would find the means to fly down and surprise her. I'd play this song on the phone and just hang up!

When my dd was still in St. Louis and we lived here, our song became "Would you like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island" and I made sure she could make it down with a ticket for a holiday gift. It was just as much a gift for me. When my son could make it home from Fl. while we were still in St. Louis and we were altogether (as we are now) my life was full.

I use to tease my high school students and tell them that my favorite Christmas song was that favorite old ballad, "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"!
Last Christmas we found this cutie who sits in Grandma's rocker and belts out this tune. Who could resist? Not me!


Ruth said...

My kids favourite is "Rudolf the red nose reindeer" and I am already fed up with singing it each night in front of the Christmas tree with them snuggled on my lap or hanging off me. Not sick of them just the song but the memories - now they will last a lifetime. Love your reindeer.

Doug Bagley said...

I was just going to say that the "Grandma" song is my favorite. Go figure, huh?