Friday, December 09, 2005

It's getting to look a lot like Christmas

This was last year's centerpiece surrounded by my new Snow Couple, a gift from my honey! I wired the wreath with red lights and inside the hurricane glass are some vintage looking ornaments that remind me of some that my grandmother had. All of her ornaments were misplaced when her house was sold. For all I know, they are still in her ornament box in the attic of her wonderful house on (aptly named) Home Park Bvd, in Waterloo Iowa. I have often been tempted to write the current owners and send them a copy of one or two of the pictures that I have inherited. We had the best Christmases there when I was a child. Oh, such lovely memories.

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Doug Bagley said...

Yeah, Christmas memories are some of the best. Hopefully they are for most people, though I fear the commercialism of Christmas is way, way out of hand.