Sunday, January 08, 2006

My history with hats...

My grandmother, Mano, was a stately woman and one of immense dignity. She took great pride in her appearance even when she could hardly remember her own name right before she passed away. Her one great vanity was hats.

After she graduated from 10th grade (the end of education when she was a girl), she went to work in a hat factory. I have the most amazing pictures of her and, in every one, she is wearing a hat. She preferred the large ones with feathers and ribbons. She would have loved this one.

Unfortunately, with my square jaw and round chubby cheeks, I do not wear hats well. When I was in high school, my "friends" use to make me try on hats at malls for evening entertainment.
Kip shot me in several hats during a recent shopping excursion when she visited Paradise last.
It is reassuring that some things never change.

Hats off to you, Nana!


mae said...

I live in HAT country. You know the history of hats at the KY Derby. Well, we have Keeneland Race Course here in Lexington and you should see the hats at the Spring Meet. Unbelievably gorgeous. I don't have the face for hats either--wish I did! I love hats on other people.

You know all of us Monkey girls love you, Jules. I feel so lucky to be a part of such talented and kind, caring ladies. I just wish we all lived closer and could get together for one great big MONKEY GIRLS CROP!! Wouldn't that be fantastic?


Hillary said...

Hi Jules - great hat!! I love hats myself - and my mother is the Queen Mum of a Red Hat Chapter in NJ LOL. Just want to say thanks for looking at my LOs on my blog. . .I think I had a scrapping "lightbulb" moment this year. . .hope it holds.

Great day to you -

Shar said...

Love that hat, Jules! Nana would, indeed, wear it proudly, I'm sure.

We have in common the negative-hat-face-factor. Only mine is worse since I also have a very small head. My girls make me try on hats for fun too--for THEIR fun!--because the only ones that fit me can only be found in the children's department. Gee, kids are so kind to their parents, aren't they?? ROFL!! ;)


Pam in Moncton said...

Love the hat!

Pam in Moncton said...

Oops! Jumped the gun a bit there on that last post! Was going to say: Love the hat! I don't like wearing them either, they always blow off or something! I'll go somewhere sunny and everyone says: wear a hat but I can't because I always lose them.

Ruth said...

Hats look shocking on me but that hat would surely shock anyone! I love it. Dont worry if they dont look great, they do dress a person up. Enjoy. My nana wouldn't have minded that one either.

crazydarla said...

Jules, what a great blog post. I can literally visualize your Grammy in her hats... so cool. And for the record, you look mahhhhvelous dahhling (in that hat shown)!! LOVES, Darla