Friday, January 13, 2006

Ten Things I Like About Me Challenge

Ok, Kip and we go (she says as she takes a deep breath).

1. I have a great relationship with my adult kids

2. I am an excellent teacher

3. I make friends easily and keep them forever

4. I am creative

5. I am witty and clever

6. I am fun to be around

7. I am a descriptive writer

8. I cherish my family history

9. I stay active and enjoy biking and kayaking

10. I am growing older with grace (ageing like a bottle of fine, vintage wine)


Kath said...

Yoohoo! Great work, Twinks - of course, we could have easily compiled way more things to like about you than ten. But I like these just fine. You're the best! kath

crazydarla said...

#3 I hope is true! I'd like to call myself your friend for many many years to come, you are one FAB lady! Love ya Jules! XOX Darla

Kip said...

here ye, here ye!!! I totally agree!