Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cabana Crew Rides Again

This is our Cabana Girl in Training. Even though my dd, Kristen, doesn't scrap like the rest of us, we are going to need someone to drive the bus when we get weekend passes from the old folk's home a few years down the road. Kristen calls this "Driving Miss Daisy" but I have no clue to whom she is
This is a cute restaurant in Duninden where Kip, Janet, Teri, Kath, Anne, Kristen and I went to eat after our Heidi Swapp class at Ruban Rouge, the scrap store in Palm Harbor.

And here we are with Heidi herself. Terri, who ownes an embroidery business, made a cute Honorary Cabana Crew member bag for Heide and a darling bear with a tee that said, "She" (for any non-scrappers who might be viewing, this is one of Heidi Swapp's trademarks. Heidi has her own product line and taught a class at a scrap store that we attended.

And here is Janet with one of the products, Heidi has designed, her masks. These are suppose to be used on paper and painted or inked inked over. I am not sure Heidi is aware of the many other uses for these fun items. Perhaps Janet needs to show her! lol


jan said...

So Awesome Jules, what fun!! and all that yummy food!!

Monika said...

I am so glad you guys had such a wonderful time..Maybe, one of these years, we can join you. Of course, I am drooling over it all but I will have to deal with my drool, dont I???lol...Hope to catch ya real soon. Seem to miss you all every time I log on.

love and miss you

Monika said...

BTW Janet, love how you used Heidi's masks..VERY creative..

And the group pic is awsome too.. Was PINK a pre-req. for the class???looking good, ladies..

love you

Pam in Moncton said...

Ah...pretty in pink! Looks like you were having a great time, and isn't Heidi fun? I bet she was very impressed with her bag too.

Ruth said...

The class and class mates would have been so much fun. Picking up bits on yours and Kips blog has kept me smiling. Janet appears to be as mad as a hatter? So much fun, just what you all deserve. Keep smiling Jules.