Thursday, February 23, 2006

Life is too short ( a list)

1To not have fun ( memo to self...have more fun)

2To drink cheap wine (and we just picked up a lovely and not
a jug wine for a change)

3. To stay inside and work when the weather is the best
it has ever been.

4. To allow some one's bad opinion of me to define who I am.

5. To not forgive old grudges (this takes up soooo much time
and energy)

6. To not enjoy a good, funny movie (love anything by Billy
Crystal, Bill Murray, and that
whole gang)
7. To not get on my bike and ride til my legs hurt

8. To not tell my friends and family that I love them...tell them often and tell them loudly

9. To hug and smooch on my sweetie (can you say, "kisses sweeter than wine?)

10. To fall asleep reading a great book.

What is on your list of Life is Too Short ?

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