Friday, February 17, 2006

Small Town Fun

One of the things I have loved most about living here in our small (unless it is Season) town is the small town atmosphere abundant in events.

Ft. Myers' Beach has its annual Shrimp Festival which is such fun. It reminds me of a high school homecoming parade gone And that is good. The parade has people dressed in furry pink costumes sans arms but with lots of feelers...a bystander informed me the first time I attended that these were the much beloved Shrimp People. OK.

Pine Island had it Mango Festival. Everything you could ever want to know and more about mangos...we actually attended twice forgetting there was no beer served!

And Ft. Myers proper has the Thomas Edison Light Parade. The excitement builds for weeks and weeks ahead of the event with the upper crust debs and (what do they call the guys?)their escorts being touted at balls. The Children's Parade was last weekend and now for the grand finale....the Light Parade Sat. night.

For weeks, locals have been marking off the choice spots on sidewalks along the parade route. These spots are honored by most, non-natives being the exception. I read in the paper that some families have had the same spot for many many years. As you drive to downtown, you can see these masked areas and also lawn chairs chained to fences where possible.

We shall be going downtown early and tail gating in the high rise (4 or story) parking garage with 3 other couples. We don't want to miss the craft fair and the food fest which are held on the river front park or the race even though we don't know anyone running this year.

I am hoping that our new town has some of the fun festivals that our present home town has and can't wait to find out.


Norma said...

Hi Jules - I was down visiting Elizabeth four weeks ago (when I ran into you at Scrapbooks n Stickers)and we attended the Bridal Show at the Harborside Event Center. The entire sidewalk was already reserved by numerous families. I was just amazed. Man, these folks take this stuff seriously.

The only other experience I had with reserving places on the sidewalk was in Curacao in the Netherland Antilles. I was down for Carnival about 10 years ago and people had their spots on the sidewalk reserved and their chairs sitting out weeks ahead of time. I asked about someone stealing their chairs or their place. Evidently, this just doesn't happen. These spots have been occupied by the same famiy for generations.

Sounds like a blast! Have a wonderful time.

Kip said...

Land O' Lakes events:

1. Strip the possum parade
2. Country bumpkin queen
3. Tobacca' spitting contest
4. Tractor Race
5. Roadkill Surprise Guess

I'm pretty sure those are the most current events where you'll be living!!

Ruth said...

LOL to Kips interpretation of what you have to look forward to. In the meantime you better enjoy all this culture before you leave. Never heard of anyone reserving their parade spot years in advance. That is a little excentric if you ask me - I know you didn't but still it is odd. Prawn people??? Are you kidding??? Enjoy the next event.