Sunday, February 05, 2006

My thoughts about CHA

I have been reading and hearing about how unhappy independent designers are about their treatment at CHA. Having attended two years (once with a guest badge and once with a retailer's) here are my random thoughts from under the palm tree...for whatever they are worth.

CHA is a trade show. Manufacturers go with one purpose in mind...sell their product. Retailers go with one purpose in the best product for their clients. It is all about the money, honey! While independent designers can obtain their own badges, getting a job designing for a major manufacturer does not fit into the manuf/retailer/money equation. Sorry really is NOT about you. It is about the money.

If I had gone as a retailer with a sizable budget (which could concieveably be Summer CHA), I would have walked away from any booth who spent more time chatting up a designer than the booth owner did with me...and yes, I saw designers take up retailers time with product owners.

Designers have a valuable place in the equation. They promote and demonstrate ways that products can be used and can sell product in unbelievable ways. The solution to the manufacturer/retailer/designer problem (as I see it...and you know what they say about free advise...)is to have a job fair for designers prior to the official opening of the convention. Manufacturers could sit at tables, interview potential designers and have a confab party after the couple of hours of appointments.

Retailers could get into the booths; manufacturers could sell their product unobstructed, and designers could set up interviews with far less interference.

Just some random thoughts from under the palm tree here in Paradise.


Ruth said...

Makes a whole lot of sense to me. Now what about some random thoughts about the products. We with enquiring minds need to know. Glad you did ok and are home safe and sound. Did those planes give you the sniffles again?

:Jayne said...

So True!
Glad you are back safe and sound and posting again. Missed you!


mae said...

Welcome back.Sounds like some designers had some issues? For me, I'm just waiting for a review from you on all of the goodies you saw at CHA. Tell us, what are the "must haves"? Is Jules going to be a retailer next year?---HOW EXCITING!!! If anyone knows the scrapping world, it is you, dear Monkey. I am rooting for you. A new home, a move, AND, a new store? You are my kind of girl. Do you mind if I live vicariously thru you?


Pam in Moncton said...

Hi Jules. Welcome home! Interesting thoughts about the designers/retailers/procuct manufacturers dynamics. Never having been to such a trade show, I would have no experience in this, but I suspect you might be on to something. It seems like a whole different sort of meeting needs to take place between the designers and the producers. Hope you saw lots of interesting goodies, met up with some friends and had a good time. And whats this about summer CHA? Hmm...inquiring minds and all that!