Monday, February 06, 2006

To open a store or not to open a store?

That is the question...we've been tossing this one around ever since New Year's Eve when one of our friends asked us if we would want to open an lss with him as a silent partner as he has some funds he needs to show a loss on. (OK, that part...showing a loss bothers me but I understand it).

This is a lot of work for two old farts like e and I. He is 60 and I'm not that far behind. Again, if we don't do it now, we never will.

I don't want just an lss. I want to embrace a larger and yet more intimate concept...."a boutique for scrappers, stampers and altered artists" with nitches and corners of fun surprises with one leading into the next. I want big, feathered hats hanging from cabinet doors with lucious papers and goodies peeking out, waiting for the perfect person to seize them up and carry them to the check out. I want women to flock to the store for one of a kinds and classes that knock their socks off.

and now about the much as I love Nana's Closet, my pal Kipster is right...this might be off putting to some of the 20-30 somethings with green burning a hole in their pockets.
Something to be said for getting 'em young and training 'em, what? So, other names we came up with...Julie's Attic, Julie's Closet (I think this is too much like Cloe's Closet but maybe not).

An old house would be ideal with the idea of eventually expanding to a specialty gourmet shop for e. A recent article in Retailer's suggested not just restricting an lss to scrapbooking and some of the suggested connection shops were more far fetched than this.

All imput, ideas and suggestions are appreciated. We have some time to make this happen if the Scrapping Gods so will it.


Kip said...

Did you hear my other suggestions I left on Kristen's phone?

Julie's Nook
Julie's Cranny

Julie's Nook and Gene's Shelf!!

Pam in Moncton said...

Wow, what an amazing venture that would turn out to be! I love the idea of a combined scrapbooking store with a gourmet food section or maybe a little cafe, where people could sit and talk and mull over their latest class. Just make sure they buy the paper before sitting down with that coffee and food! If anyone can pull this off it would be you two and with some promise of financing that would take a load off your mind. about "Creative Minds" "Julie's (or Julie's and Gene's) Parlour"...I'll have to give it some more thought! You definitely have my moral support for whatever you decide to do.

Whippet said...

How exciting that would be! I'd like to apply for a design team position right now, LOL. I love Julie's Attic. If you go with the gourmet goodies and cook's tools, what about Julie's and Gene's? There was a restaurant in Atlanta called Gene and Gabe's. I'll be thinking. There was another wonderful shop in Decatur that I loved - they had it all covered with exquisite papers, Crabtree & Evelyn, Crane stationery, cookbooks, jewelry, Vera Bradley, The Thymes - lovely things. It was called Seventeen Steps. I'm sure it was a name with significance only to the mother and daughter team that owned it. Wish I had some pictures to show you. :-)

Doug Bagley said...

Sorry I don't know much concerning what you wrote about. But you're a right smart lady, so I think you'll find the right name and whatnot.
Why does this comment read like it was written by Karl Childers and not me? "Uhhuh, yeah, I reckon." If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about think "Sling Blade"

Gail said...

Oh, I'm imagining the place already! However I wonder how many old (or old-looking) houses you'll find in that area that would be suitable for the theme. And you need convenient parking. Having a hard time parking is an off-putter for me. Of course to visit your store I'd walk a mile or so, just not in the middle of a Florida summer. It all sounds so lovely, and I love the idea of having Gene sell food creations. Food for the body and for the soul...hey there's your name: Body & Soul Delights. Or something like that. It all sounds so perfect I can't imagine you NOT doing it now. So I will wish you the best with your new endeavor!

Pat said...

Wow, that would be quite an adventure, but also a lot of work!

You have so many creative ideas that you would bring to this, and make it a wonderful place.

good luck with your decision.


crazydarla said...

Jules, I think this is a FAB idea and I know you would make it an experience to shop there! I LOVE Nanna's Closet and that does not turn me off at all (mid 30's scrapper here) as a matter of fact it draws me IN cute, so warm. Love that idea. I think you could have a blast with something like this...I say GO FOR IT!

crazydarla said...

OH and I forgot to add...there is a NEAT little sb store in Boise that is just what you described, an older little 'cottage' style home that was converted to a sb store. Up and down stairs, kitchen and the whole 9 yards! SO CUTE! It is called World Class Scrappers... I think they have a website too? Darla

:Jayne said...

I love the idea of scrapbooking and food! Cafe type, perhaps tea roomish. With gourmet salad sandwiches?
A name? How bout "Jules Little Piece of Paradise", sounds like a place I would go to spend an afternoon with girlfriends, sisters, mom & daughters.
I dunno, I do know that wherever you open it, it will be worth the drive to get there! Sign me up!


Groovy83 said...

Oh Jules, what a great idea. Speaking as a 30 something your boutique idea sounds wonderful - I love the thought of your big beautiful hats and the yummy treats that might be waiting. Good Luck!!!


Kath said...

Altered Attic? (they'd have to check to see what it was, maybe - could be good OR bad, lol).
The only thing about a small house, they had one like that in VA and you would have to have staff in each room - theft and all, you know, sadly. But you could take out all but the supporting walls and that would work.
I like Nana's Closet because I'm a Nana, but I also think I'd look to find children's clothing or old fashioned clothing there.
Scrap N Crap? No - how rude.
I like my old email address, but it would be too long - Come Scrap With Me.
Julie's Play Pen -no, that might draw the wrong crowd, lol.
wow - a total blank here. I'll work on it, twinks!
That's it!!!!!! TWINKS' TREASURES!!!!
Okay. I'll go away and think some more.

mae said...

MY, MY, MY! What a great friend.They must have a great respect for your scrapping abilities and knowledge. What a great opportunity for you and e. It will be a lot of work but you know what 'they" say about doing a job that you love. I can understand there being some anxiety---it is a BIG step to take at any age. If you decide to go for it, you will have a lot of great friends close by to give you all the support a gal could ask for. And, lots of cyber buddies to offer up moral support. You build it, they will come. I, for one, know that my next vacation will be to come see Jule and e's new place.

I am SOOO excited for you. And, this 54 y.o. loves "Nanna's Closet". My 32 y.o. DD loved it too.


ribinscraps said...

How bout "paradise?". I would love to shop there! The only suggestion I have is this: I have a store I make a tip to visit once a year. Its two states away. It has the most amazing stamps you just can't seem to find anywhere else. Papers, ribbons, EVERYTHING and get this COFFIE!! Mochas, italian ices, YUMMY yums with adorable little tables to sit at and look at all the examples and minibooks in the shop. Makes all feel at home and comfortable. LOTS of spending!! LOL



jan said...

Hi Jules!!

Missed U @!!!

Sounds TOTALLY COOL!! what and awesome concept you have for a store!!

Definately agree about the name, you want to get SAHM's in the store, or Moms with kids, if it sounds old, you'll scare the young ones away. Even attic sounds old, You need a catchy name that 'says' your concept!!
I too like 'Twinks treasures' its gets people wondering about what treasures they will find. Attic is just old stuff to me. I like simply Paradise too! How about


Ya'll live i Paradise down there and like you said, you want ALL of your customers to be able to find a little treasure of their own in little nooks and crannies!! I LIKE IT!! hehe

XOX janet/planet

Ruth said...

Not reading others names before I give you mine:

Jules Scrapping Paradise!

I think of you I think of paradise and scrapping. Other's have probably said it. Or perhaps Jules Paper Paradise but it is not so catchy. Your ideas sound fantastic. Your sense of fun is sure to come through. Yes starting a business is daunting and buying supplies that are not your taste can be difficult but still with the right staff I am sure you can eventually take a backseat and reap the rewards of conducting fun and exciting classes and going to on scrapbook supply shopping sprees. I am a little envious. You have the skills, go for it.

Kath said...

Okay, I've been thinking. There's a store I have a t-shirt from in Destin called "Scrapbooking by the Sea". I love things along that line. You always call where we live Paradise. I love that too. So, I'm thinking - "Pictures in Paradise" or "Paradise Scrapbooking" or "Scrapping in Paradise". If you're going to have a large cropping area and food, maybe just "Sit and Scrap", or "Little Piece of Paradise" then add - "a scrapbooking and stamping paradise just for you". I love thinking up names - any you're in love with yet? Kath

Judy K said...

Hi Jules,
Wow what an adventure it sure would be fun to be closer. I agree with Kip I think that the names of attics and nannas would tell me that the store was an antique type store and not a scrapbook store. I think you need scrapbook somewhere in the name how about something along the line of Jules scrappin paradise and cafe
or just scrapbook paradise and cafe.
Jules scrapbook nook and cafe
Let's scrap and cafe
scrapbook treasures and cafe
Hmmmm that is a big decision for you but it sounds wonderful to me I would love to do something like this.
Judy K

RobinFL said...

Hi Jules, I had no idea you were thinking of opening your own very cool.

How about a store named... Scrapping Jewels? ...ya know, a play off your mb name!

I think that's a good one! :-)