Saturday, February 11, 2006

Things I miss about Italy

Watching the opening to the Olympics and today's start of the games has made me homesick for Italy, if that is possible. We were only in Italy for about 8 days but I loved so much about it that seeing Torino just leaves me pining.

I miss the food. The freshness and the taste is undescribable. My E is a great cook and he has come very close to duplicating some of the dishes we had. He says the key is the really good (meaning very expensive) olive oil. So much of the food was veggies and the herbs just were amazing. Fresh! That is what I miss.

I miss the countryside. Tuscany was beautiful beyond description. Hills and vinyards and antiquity all rolling mile after mile before us.

I miss the town on Lake Garda with the winding streets, the flower merchants and antique dealers and the bakery aromas wafting around sharp corners. And then there was the castle, perched on the hill top, standing sentry over the postcard perfect town. And more good food and lovely rustica wines.

I miss the accents of the people and their friendliness. The hearty handshakes and welcomes and smiles. I miss our tour guides and just listenin to them talk with the upturned sounds at the ends of sentences and the extra "ah" added to many words. to dip some bread is some of our expensive EEVO and I may not even add parmagano ragano cheese or the herb mix we found. I'm just gonna dip and let it run down my chin...and watch the Olympics in true Italian style!!!!


:Jayne said...

In my younger days, Italy was somewhere I never thought about visiting. DH has been there, several times, courtesy Uncle Sam.
The more I learn about Italy, especially Tuscany, I want to go.
Your description makes my yearning stronger!


Ruth said...

You are beginning to make me home sick for Italy and I have never been there at all. I just want a taste of the art, architecture, wine and FOOD. Love Italian food.
Olympics on the telly now.

Gail said...

Sounds like you have just done the journaling for some more pages about Italy. Some places just have a lot of personality, don't they?