Friday, February 10, 2006

One more day in the life of....

We've finished off two rooms so far with deep cleans top to bottom. The real estate gal comes back tomorrow afternoon to take inside pics so guess what we'll be doing before she gets here? I told E that the house would look so good that we'll not want to move.

I managed to finish my altered project for ScrapLovers and then got a HUGE box from one of the companies that offered me work when I was at CHA. There is so much stuff in the box that I hardly know where to start. Am putting a bunch of Sunday to one side to give this some quality time.

I need to e-mail the cruise company and get my resume in. It sounds almost too good to be true...the cruise for 2 for classes. Guess we'll see soon enough.

Tomorrow is scheduled for deep clean on the lanai if it does not rain. The realtor felt the house would sell for what we want within 3-5mo. ;since we are not in any big hurry to move, we can be picky (to a certain extent) about our buyers.

Life goes by day.

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Ruth said...

You know I love those deep clean days, when they are over, and the room glistens. As for the rest, I would love to be inundated with products and cruises. What a lot to look forward to.