Sunday, March 12, 2006


So, the message board that so many of us love is going to be shut down and a "new and improved" mb is replacing it within a short period of time. The new board will have a gallery (nice), and lots of bells and whistles (fun) and you can use the "Quote" devise to reference what others have said. That being said, I will miss the old board's intimacy...the small town USA feel to it.

I've met and become rl friends with so many wonderful women from this mb. The whole Cabana Crew originated on ckmb and that has lasted almost five years, give or take a bit. One of the reasons we were able to converse with each other was the sub post ability. This is lacking on the new mb. You can only quote what someone has said, not directly address it. That is my problem with the new mb. Is it the format? Yes, that aspect of it is what makes me sad. And I know most "modern" mbs are all set up the same as this.

Now, we come to my imputus to "get up outta my chair". I tried to make the transition from the old mb to the new and also started posting at a sister mb of ckmb that is set up like the old one. I posted a "getting to know you" on the new, made plans and announced them on both the old and the new for a "Farewell" party hosted by our very own Cabana Boy, Hank, on the last day of the old board and did a challenge at the SS sister mb. I was keeping my options open....the key word is WAS. I've decided that I will lurk at the new mb, join SS with great enthusiasm, and feel exactly whatever the hell I want to feel.

What has helped me make up my mind is this: in a nut shell, I resent the women who have done the following all wanting all of us to move to the new mb, leave the mb or not say anything (guess they are the only ones entitled to an opinion.

On the new board and the old I ,and others ,have been told the following:

1. to grow up, get over the old mb closing, and quit whinning....(and we are not entitled to our lack of enthrusiasm with the new mb or the sadness for the passing of a time?)

2. the Farewell party should not be that but should be a Celebration of the new board (it's my party and I'll say goodbye or whatever...and you do the same. Throw your own party)

3. there is nothing to feel sad about. Move on...(thank you for telling me what is appropriate for me to feel, Dr. Phil)

4. we shouldn't leave a mb just cause the format is different (but it was the old format that helped us to make the friends we have)

5. we should show how young we are and learn something new (ya, know what...I am 58, not terribly stupid, and I wouldn't go back to be "young" again for all the tea in China and since when, is learning something new equated with being young and vice versa?)

I could go on but won't (well, not right now). It is comments like this that are sending many women away from the new mb. Don't tell us how to feel, or what to feel or what to mourn or celebrate or anything of that nature; don't tell us to get with the program, stop our bitchin', and its just a mb. Come to the Farewell party, don't come...suit yourself but don't try to tell me what I should do. I am old enough to make my own decisions, feel my own emotions, and make up my own mind, thank you very much.

Sitting back down in my chair...for the time being.


Pam in Moncton said...

Well said! I really haven't had time the last couple of days to read all the comments you referenced, but I can fully believe they were there! Seems only some people can have their own opinion on things sometimes. Oh well, I'll just do what I feel is right for me and right now that seems like the SS MB as it still seems "homier" to me. Besides the "bells and whistles" make my eyes ache! Fun stuff if you like to play around with them and have the time, but I'd rather spend my computer time really chatting with my friends and the rest of the time on real life pursuits, which I hope to include scrapping very soon. Maybe some people find it easy to learn these things and enjoy doing it and more power to them, but I don't enjoy it. I don't really enjoy laundry either, but that's a necessity and learning how to put annoying blinkies on my posts isn't! Anyway, now that we are both off our chairs...let's go for a walk! Hey that would be nice. Why don't they invent a transporter beam like on Star Trek and then we wouldn't have to depend on message boards at all. We could just all meet for coffee somewhere!

Pam in Moncton said...

Oh yeah...when exactly is the farewell party?

Pam in Moncton said...

More comments: Okay so I'm just getting back to looking at your "10 Things I want to do..." post and I wanted to say - definitely plan a trip with your dd. Some of my fondest memories of my mother are the trips we took together. I'm trying to do that with each of my dds too. Also when is the birthday party?

ribinscraps said...

Wow Jules,

Guess that just shows you how out of touch I am! I didn't even know anything was up till I read your blog this morning!! LOL THATS how long its been since i was on the ckmb! Sorry, its changing!


Aidansmom said...

Hey Jules, just came over to check out your blog and you are so right and soooo funny(that Dr.Phil comment cracked me up)!!! I knew there was a reason I liked you so much. After coming here and seeing your profile, you are the same age as my mom and remind me a lot of her(she's spunky too!!). You seem like a really down to earth and beautiful soul and I would love to keep in contact with you!! For the record my CKMB name is Aidansmom, just so you know who I am. I will try really hard to be at the farewell party, I put a sticky note on my desk to remind me. Oh, by the way who is Cabana Boy, like I told you earlier on the MB I am a newbie so I was just wondering cause I saw him mentioned once before a couple months ago. Well, i'm off, I have been paged by my dear Aidan to watch Power Rangers with him!!lol

Yvonne said...

It is sad to say goodbye to the old board. Having been there for many years and meeting so many people, it's been great! I haven't really decided what I'm going to do, either. Probably go back to what I do best, lurk! LOL!
I'll be at the party, but I don't know what time! I have to work that day.....

:Jayne said...

Well said Jules!
I hope I didn't offend you when I said I was going to try to learn new things. I don't like the change, love the old format, and had all but quit posting at the old board. I enjoyed the EB messages, but am so over the "I got (fill in a very expensive item) today" and "Swap, Swap, Swap this" that was there. I love the MKMB and will probably hang at SS. The format is just so much easier to read. I hope I can make the party, if not, any time you're around gives a festive atmosphere, so Party on!

crazydarla said...


I dont' know what else to say but that


I am not big on change. I liked the old. Period. MY choice to say say. I look forward to the new friends at SS and it seems we are being welcomed with open arms and I love that. I love Monkey chat as well but there is not the constant flow of people there so I will choose to chat at both. I too feel like my life was changed bc of CKMB and I have met friends I feel I will keep for a lifetime now. The blessings of friendship, love, care, laughter and GREAT memories will NOT be forgotten. I can 'mourn' the loss of a once fun and friendly place and I can WHINE OR CRY OR POUT all I want. I can celebrate the new, I can say farewell to the old. I CAN and WILL do what I NEED TO DO to move on through this. I will NOT allow others to dictate my feelings or attitude, I WILL NOT allow them to keep pulling the same ol' SHIT they always have. NOPE, I am above that and I have a hunch a WHOLE bunch of you ladies are too!


crazydarla said...

PS I just posted a bit on my blog as well...if you want to peek you can. I made a bold statement there now I have to follow through! SCARY!

crazydarla said...

duhhh a site is good egh?

Jules said...

GranJan can't post for some reason so she sent me her reply in an e-mail and asked me to post it...thanks Janet.

Oh Jules - ditto - dttio. You have said it so well, glad you got up and off of your chair.
I'll be there to say farewell- I've met my best freinds I have there and of course I have reasons to love the board and that being one of the top ones.

Jules said...

and one more who had problems posting to the blog...and what's up with that...? lol

HUGS first and foremost. I missed all of this (I presume it took place at CKMB) but totally agree with what you've said. Sometimes we have to move on because we have no choice, but that doesn't mean we can't have or express our feelings about the changes that take place around us, and it doesn't mean we have to like them either.

So sorry you've been pooped on for sharing your feelings. The changing format topic was a heated one a couple of years ago when they put that up for a vote, and apparently, it still is a topic of unrest for many. You have every right to share your feelings as much as those who feel the opposite.

Don't let them get you down. You have many friends who are there for you wherever you light when the hooplah is over.


karen said...

Whoa...Jules ...My whole long post has been lost in cyber paraphrase..I so agree with you, but then again there have always been a few over at CK that never hesitated to tell anyone what to think say or do, or tell them they are doing whatever wrong!!!!!
When is that Bash???? wouldn't miss it!!!
And, we still have a biking adventure to go on!!!!!!
xoxo Karen

scrapmed said...

I love it and it expresses my feelings exactly. I will not be controversial on the new board (which is beginning to feel like home) but that doesn't mean I do not detest it when someone else comes on the new board in an apparent and thinly disguised effort to cause unhappiness and controvery. Thank you for taking the high road too.

That said, I will add, (though I know you, dear Jules, do not need to hear it) I am quite computer literate. It is not that the new board is in any way beyond our abilities to lear, I am somewhat logical as in adddition to being an RN, I have a BS in Mathematics. What I love about the old board and the SSMB is the conversational style with response being possible and the friendships I have made there. Bur you knew that.

katie said...

DON'T like the new format of the new board, and since I work when most people are sleeping and vice versa, I just really want to know where the EBS are going to be, so that I can catch up with their news when I get off work and post to it when I am up on my days off.
If someone can e-mail me and let me know where you(we) all land, I would appreciate it.
I have grown very attached to many of you .... love to hear the Gracie stories, can't wait for Colleen's baby, and although I don't drink--just never learned to like the taste and am allergic to wine--I have a blast lurking on the wine-thirty and Hank parties, but it's been so long since one.
Hopefully the major PIAs and negative influences will find a home elsewhere....Granted 50-something is not that old and we haven't shelved the brains yet, but I really don't like something shoved down my throat, as in our NEW IMPROVED way of doing things at work--What were "THEY" thinking.
As I asked, please, somebody let me know where to 'land' and post on my days off.
And I sure don't wnat ot miss everyone's beautiful LOs!!!!!

Aurora said...

*PARTY* ..did someone mention party! Hey peeps. It's been an age since I was on the CKmb and now 'The Times They Are A Changing'! I just wanted to say hi to all of my buddies that I have met on the CKmb and wish you all happiness in whatever you choose to do or where 'er you may go. I hope to see some of you around. My life is changing as I write and my circumstances do not allow me the same time I once had for chit chat on the CKmb. I am hoping that will change by the end of this year and who knows where I will pop up! I am going to try to be at the party on 23rd - depending on the time....'cos for those of you who do not know me, I am in England and I am 5 hours ahead of Florida - whatever time scale that comes into. Have fun and keep smiling everyone. You too Jules. I have known some of you for almost 4 years since I joined the CKmb. I have enjoyed the chats, making friends and learning from your talents and skills. You are a wonderful bunch of ladies (can I say that)? I don't think there are any men around here, are there? Oh yeah...Hank!! Hi Hank. I hope to meet you on 23rd. Ciao baby. *Ü*