Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ten things I want to do before I die

My roomie from CHA, KelliBlueFrog, was talking about lists on ScrapLovers mb and mentioned mine (thanks Kelli) so I thought I'd post these:

1. See Greece

2. Return to my hometown, Waterloo, Iowa and revisit the house where I grew up, the cemetary where my beloved relatives are buried, and walk the grounds of the YMCA camp where I spent many and many a summer.

3. See my grandchildren marry.

4. Take a trip somwhere with my dd...she and I have such fun together but this is something we have never done.

5. Spend a week on the Washington/Oregon coast...spent a couple of days there after a sb convention but only got a taste of the wonder.

6. Complete my 30 miles in one day bike trip before I turn 60, let alone before I die.

7. Have everyone (that means you too Clare) be able to participate in Anne and my 50/60 birthday bash.

8. Take a meditation class.

9. Open our own paper boutique.

10. Have a magazine do an aritcle on my as the world's oldest scrapper...I'll be 102 at the time!


KelliBlueFrog said...

I knew we were meant to be friends, my hometown is Waterloo, NE!!! I live in Des Moines, IA now though. Thanks for posting this Jules!


Doug Bagley said...

Good list Jules. Probably would be a good thing for me to do now and then, make a list of things I'd like to accomplish by a certain date. Thanks

Ruth said...

LOL Jules, cant wait to read the article. Oh hang on yes I can I think we are a lifetime off of that article being published. Sorry I have to turn down the invite to the party, wish I could be there to celebrate with you girls!