Friday, March 31, 2006

I've heard it all now...

This morning in our paper was an article applauding our local and very excellent marching band, The Ft. Myers High School Green Wave Marching Band. Seems the band has been invited to participate in a parade next New Year's Day in London, England. What a prestigeous invitation, right?

Well, the invitation was turned down by the Superintendent and someother mucky muck here. The reason given? London is not a safe city! Are they also going to turn down invites for the science team to NYC for competitions? Are they going to prevent the football team from going to state? What is next?

Based on an incident in London over a year ago when a subway was bombed, the "officials" of our school district have effectively slapped England in the face. Seems to me this should be up to the students' parents to determine. Sign a release and the band marches, right? London's mayor even invited the supe and his side kick to London on London's nickle to appraise the safety of the town for the kids's visit.
The supe stated he didn't have the time.

I doubt this will be the end of the issue. Seems also that this supe and a few of the board members are up in arms because another member of the board would like some finanacial accounting for spendatures over 25.000 by the district. The very

This is the same school district that recently announced it would be considering building affordable houses and condos on school property for the teaching we're into real estate as well as education. Why not pay the teachers what they deserve and let them find their own homes away from the sanctions that I am sure will be imposed on residents on school property.

What better investment in our future than our children's education?


Pam in Moncton said...

That is just not right! What a great educational and cultural experience that could be for the kids as well as giving them an opprtunity to show off their talent. I'm sure local organizers would do their best to ensure a safe and well-planned trip for the band. There is no place on earth which is completely "safe". And what a silly idea building houses for teachers. I could see it if it were in some sort of far off area in the north or in a developing country, but not in Florida!

Kip said...

Stupid people......

:Jayne said...

OMG! No Way! What will they think of next? It should be the parents choice!
If we don't give kids reasons to be involved in good activities, they will find something else to do that may not be a good activity. Is he an elected Supt? Oust him!