Monday, April 03, 2006

Update on the Marching Band

London's revenge! The news last night has stated that London will be sending a warning to all English that our little town here is dangerous to travelers and suggests they visit elsewhere. We do have high traffic accident rates (tourists and snow birds often do not think the local traffic laws apply to them) and we've had some shootings this year so the statistics the London papers are quoting are correct. We've also been hit by at least 3 of the 5 hurricanes that have passed through in the last couple of years so that information is also true.

I can hardly blame London for eliciting this revenge. The Supe here has to be a blooming idiot. An now, as a topper, the district is going ahead with plans to build apartments on a school owned parking lot...why not just pay the teachers enough to buy their own home or rent where they chose? Ack!


mae said...

Whoa, are you saying that they are building apts. for TEACHERS on school property? You have GOT to explain this further, PLEASE! Are people in an uproar? WOW!


Jules said...

Yes, Mae, that is the latest hairbrained scheme of our district.

The Board of Ed has interceded and the parents of the band members will now be the ones who determine if the band goes to London or not. There will have to be 80 percent of the parents voting in favor of this and all funds have to come from private sources. Hope this makes it.