Monday, April 24, 2006

A brand new week in Paradise

One or two more pics from the cruise and I promise more sunrise/sunset pics from Paradise and more recent fun events.

Because it was so lovely to have our balcony door open, we left it that way when the ship was moving. This did cause a small problem in that it would take two of us to open the door from the inside or our! This made for some funny incidents. Here are Anne and I doing our best!

This past weekend was really fun. I drove up to St. Pete's (and over that nasty bridge) where my daughter met me at Kip's. She and I went to her school's happy hour and I got to meet even more of her co workers than I had at the Fall Festival I attended with her. Her group reminded me of the one Gene and I had in St. Louis, called Gene's Team by our Activities Director. Lots of fun times. Before Kristen picked me up, I went to Whim So Doodles to introduce myself to the staff and pick up my supplies for my class there. Another nice bunch of people!

Sat. morning, bright and early, Kristen dropped me off at Ruban Rouge for our all day class. It was good to see that cutie, Chrissy again and I was pleasantly surprised that the owner recognized me enough to call me by name. The classes were lots of fun and the EK products very cool. Linda and I got some great class ideas from the products alone. Kath, Kip, Linda and I made some new fun friends and hope to see Gina and her dd at a Hilltop Weekend.

More tomorrow.

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