Friday, April 21, 2006

It's the weekend

This was a pic of our "neat and tidy" cabin on the morning we arrived back in Ft. Lauderdale. About the only time our cabin looked like something someone's mother would be proud of is when the cabin crew would come through and give us a clean up. Guess we were too busy having fun!

It is Friday and I leave in about an hour heading north. First stop is Kip's in St. Pete's. She and I will be heading over to Whim's when she gets off work and I'll be picking up some things for the sample for my class there in June. After that, my dd, Kristen, will pick me up at Kip's and she and I are off to have cocktails with some of her fellow teachers. Then home to her house.

Sat. am bright and early and I am off to Ruban Rouge for the EK Extravaganza all day class with Kip and Kath. Back to Kip's for the evening and home on Sunday.

Sunday, e and I are heading downtown to the park by the river for River and Blues festival. We went last year and had a blast. We went far too early and missed the Mambo Brothers, whom I adore. This year, the Yard Dogs (another fave of mine), Juice and the Mambo Brothers don't even start til one which is after when I get home.

I love staying busy and having fun things to do. Will report in on Monday how the weekend progressed. Now, if I could find a way to avoid driving over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, I'd be a truely happy camper.


Cindy said...

Omgawd, your room is too funny, and messy!!! It does look like you had a good time. Have a good weekend.

Gail said...

You CAN avoid the bridge Jules, if you want to drive an extra hour or two. Just do it and don't look down.

Kip said...

okay......time for a new know I've added you back and I know you have some great pictures to share, lol!
Hope E is feeling better today!