Sunday, May 28, 2006

From the book " The Art of the Moment"

Posting from Paradise

A second line from the book that moved me is " Beware. Feeling blue is never an excuse for passing on a chance to feel joy."

A lot of things in my life lately have been dogging me, getting me down and I've allowed them to make me feel the 'blues'. I have ignored amazing sunsets, wonderous mornings, intoxicating aromas and the companionship of those who love me. I believed that I had to work through this time and figure it out for myself...and, in my stoicism, I neglected joy!

I have worked through some of this and am taking a fresh look. My joy is my family, my friends, and this beautiful place in which I live. I have missed this but no more...JOY!


Ruth said...

I think I may have been in the same/similar place Jules. Sometimes I forget to focus on what is happening around me that gives me peace and joy inside. Like I get all in knots about being on time but forget the one slowing me down is the one I love so much it hurts. Looking into that face instead of not focussing at all can put things in perspective. Oh well, once again I didn't make a whole lot of sense but I know what I mean. So glad you are remembering to take time to smell the roses (or focus on the face! LOL).

:Jayne said...

I think it is hard for us as women to keep things in perspective. We want to take care of everything in our lives and forget to nurture ourselves.
I'm glad you are back on the way to smelling the roses and enjoying those sunsets. Life is too short to do otherwise.


Pam in Moncton said...

A very good way to think about things. It's often much easier to let things just get us down instead of allowing ourselves to look all that around us that is good.