Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Posting from Paradise
Posting from ParadiseWe went to the cemetary today to make sure my Uncle Harlan and my step Papa Joey had flag. While the Am Vets had made sure the vets graves had them, there were only flags at the entrances to my uncle's and my Papa's areas. I was so glad we took the flags out. It was an awesome display of the good ol' Red White and Blue.From the Art of the Moment (and please add your interpretation this time): "Before and orchestra can start playing, the conductor raises his baton to create what is called in musical language an anacrusis---a silent upbeat. In the same way, every moment can bre interpreted as a silent upbeat, as a brief interval between what was and what is still to be".I feel that I am living in the anacrusis.


Whippet said...

Sounds like a wonderful book you are reading! I'm reading Marley and Me about "the World's Worst Dog." Yikes - he makes Jocko look perfect, LOL

Gail said...

That's a nice thought, Jules. I may have to read that book sometime.

Pam in Moncton said...

As a choral singer I can sure appreciate that analogy! The moment before the song begins. between the time when all the prep work is done and the time when we find out whether we can really perform the piece. Sounds like a fascinating and thought-provoking book.