Saturday, July 08, 2006

An Afternoon of Fun

Kristen found this really cute restaurant near her home for us to have lunch. She and Chris have been there a few times and said the food was good. Kip joined us for a relaxing lunch and it even came with its own entertainment dock side. This baby gator had
obviously been feed by some of the diners which, of course, is against the law, as he cruised up and down the dock waiting for his hand out.

The restaurant had a cute tiki bar and Kristen told us there is live music on the weekneds. The place is about 25 years old with initial carved in the picnic style tables. This is my kind of place.

We're off to see the progress on the new house today and to take the kids out to lunch at that cute restaurant we found last time we headed to Land O Lakes. Then we will head over to Titusville to the b'day party. This is has been such a fun weekend so far. Will post updates when I can. Til then, have a great weekend.


RobinFL said...

Hey Jules! Make sure you post new photos of your house. Can't wait to see...will check back for them.

Robin :-)

Pam in Moncton said...

All sounds like a great time! I'm with Robin - I want to see some house-in-the-making pictures!

Amy said...

I think I have been to that place-was it Jack Willie's? I'm with Robin and Pam, post pics!!!

Dee said...

G'morning girlfriend!

Not a good way to start my day. I had typed a pretty lengthy post to you, went to preview it and lost it, Grrrr

Any hoo, mostly said how much you remind me of myself. I too love places like this.

When you coming our way again? Creep Over? I don't usually make it to creep over because Oct. is a busy month for us, although I'm going to go this time. Then I realized, WAIT . . . I get to play with you in paradise in August! You are going right? I made sure Ginni invited you!

Have you played with your wishblade? I finally got some blades for mine, had to buy them HSC was no help at all!
I still have not set down to try it. Need to do that!

Can't wait to play together, have a great day girlfriend! Gonna try to add you to my blog today, still a baby at blogging. LOL

Dee (Tampa)