Friday, July 21, 2006

Day 2 and morning of Day 3

We had the most wonderful day yesterday. We did absolutely nothing. I took a couple of mile walk in the morning and we read, snacked and sipped G & Ts in the afternoon while we watched a summer storm move through. We only got a few drops of rain but the lightening show down the coast a bit was magnificient.

This morning brought this beautiful sunrise, tinting the clouds with shades of peach and tangerine. We head back to the house later this afternoon and wait for our friends to all get into town. Their units here at the resort will not be ready until around two pm tomorrow. Tonight 7 of them will be staying at our house. Our newly weds, Chuck and Linda, arrive from St. Louis tomorrow and Jill and Kelly don't get in until Monday. Kristen and Chris will only be able to stay the weekend as her school starts soon and she needs to get her classroom ready.

I am looking forward today to more of yesterday, reading beside the Gulf, another nice stroll and a yummy lunch somewhere. Enjoy your day all and know someone here in Paradise is thinking of you! Posted by Picasa


Anne said...

Love your sunrise picture! It's almost as good as sunrise from our balcony, LOL! Miss you, but glad you're having a good week so far.

Pam in Moncton said...

All sounds lovely! There's nothing like being by the sea to make a person feel calm and peaceful.

:Jayne said...

What a wonderful pic! Calgon take me away! Enjoy your week.


Eljay said...

I am so jealous!! yesterday was hard work and you were relaxing in such beautiful surroundngs!! Have fun, you lucky duck!

Eljay said...

jules I just stopped and looked at that first photo of the palm trees and the beach. wow what a wonderful shot.
great job!